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About Me

My name is Tyler Moore and I love working with technology! I started working with electronics when I joined the ARMY in 2011. There I troubleshot, diagnosed, and repaired various medical devices and got my first taste of the technology world. I liked it so much I started my career civilian-side as a computer technician and worked various jobs in techinical support for about 3 years. As I rose up in the department, I realized I wanted more than the support world could offer me, so I quickly hit the books and went back to college! I am still attending classes and working on my degree in computer science, striving to become an expert software engineer and cyber security expert. I work on web development projects as a hobby (one of my favorite) besides staying active, and will continue to bring to you amazing web designs that will most certainly emit unto your eyes a visual orgasm. I will also be bringing into this world software to make your day just that much better, as I progress through my training and education, so please stay tuned! Follow me on my instagram if you like motivation in your life and visit my linkedin profile if you have an ingenious idea you would like me to bring to life for your company. For all your development needs, choose Developer Operations & Security.


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